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Wednesday, 2018-04-25, 11:04 PM
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That strange building and it's story

Two weeks ago I met up with a friend to explore some cool locations in Berlin.

This story goes about 'that other building', the building where I thought it was just part of the usual stuff that had been explored before.

Once inside that 'other building' we saw things that has not been showed anywhere before so I was a bit surprised but so far nothing shocking so we just continued.

Then at the 4th floor something remarkable happened, my friend was calling me "have a look, it looks like a bum lived here".

Indeed that room looked nasty, garbage was laying everywhere.

Some moments later my friend called me again, "this looks like if somebody is living here?!"

I didn't give that room much attention for the simple reason that living here was for me out of question!

[The meeting room]

There was some unfinished work for me so I came back the following week and managed to enter that 'strange building' again.

This time I was alone and made sure that I closed the door from inside, so nobody could enter that building.

I was alone in that building and enjoyed the silence of abandoness.

And then it happened, I was in a room on the 4th floor and just finished taking photo's.

I turned around to go back and faced a man standing two meters away from me.

He looked actually like a normal person, no signals of security or police, no trace of a junk or homeless person.

At first I was I was perplex, who could be this person?

So I asked "what are you doing here?”.

He said "I’m living here, and what are you doing here?”

I got even more perplexed "you are living here??”

It turned out that he was living in this ‘strange building’ for 3 years now and after I convinced him that my visit has no bad intention he invited me for a cup of coffee.

It was a bit too hot for coffee but I was still curious about his story so we had a nice conversation in his room.

He told me about the mysterious background of this ‘strange building’ and also about photos on the 5th floor that made him shiver.

I couldn’t find the photos that made him shiver but one thing was sure, it looks like if they wanted to hide what was going in this building.

Vague relations with rockets and the CIA came to question but I guess we will never know what exactly happened even thought I know the background of the company.

So that was it?

Not exactly, 5 day’s later three boys wanted to scout that ‘strange building’ and faced not only ‘my friend’ but also his gun.

That same day a team of about 100 police men including special forces arrested ‘my friend’ and his mate.

According to official sources no gun has been found and both have been released.

In the mean time I try to reach ‘my friend’ for his side of the story, so an update might follow!


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