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Wednesday, 2018-06-20, 8:03 PM
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Ophaine's Urban adventures


This former military training site was used by the Germans and the Soviets continued to use it after WWII.
It's now abandoned for more than 20 years and a wonderful forgotten place where you can find many wildlife.

Abandoned military training site : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/abandoned_military_training_site/december_2010/60


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The urban singles section has been updated with three shots.
I hope you like them!
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The origin of this abandoned coal mine goes back till 1913 although the actual shaft tower was build between 1923 and 1924.
The coal mine closed down in 1993 and is since then a protected monument.
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These military barracks are abandoned in 1994 and since then no longer used.
It was originally funded by the Canadian forces (1956-1970) and later used by the British forces.
The site houses still many crew accommodation, sports halls, churches, cinema, casino and much more. Unfortunately, the buildings have been damaged by vandalism and the natural decay is considerably.

Abandoned Canadian/British military base : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/abandoned_canadian_british_military_base/august_2010/56

A revisit might follow because there was not enough time to see everything.
I hope you like this small serie!

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This German Flugabwehr Raketen Stellung was build in 1963 and closed the doors in 2002.
The atmosphere was compared to this air defense missile base : http://www.ophaine.clan.su/blog/2009-06-05-27 not hostile and with it's nice nature you would almost forget the origin of this place.

Abandoned air defense missile base II : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/may_2010/54


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Some fresh stuff from my spring break!
This military bakery was left behind in 1994 and contains also a granary with a great rooftop overview.

Remains of a military bakery : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/april_2010/52


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With this post I introduce a new section in the portfolio with infiltrations.
Imagine just you alone in a massive steel factory, everything seems to sleep but the hissing and pounding sounds tell a different story.

Between giants of steel :  http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/infiltration/between_giants_of_steel/50


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When I saw her the first time I knew she was mine for that day!
Being more than 150 years old means a rich history which includes the use of a training center, school and also as a hotel.
The construction plans for a renovation are ready and probably the waiting is for a solid financial injection to make this beauty alive again.

My bloody valentine : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/the_valentine_castle/my_bloody_valentine/48

I hope you like them!

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I've added a mini serie called powerful scenery, who knows maybe you will see inside shots in about 15 years
The urban singles section is also updated with 4 new photos.

Powerful scenery : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/powerful_scenery/45

Urban singles : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/14


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This villa is abandoned for approximately 15 years and according to the local people was this villa inhabited by a women with a monkey. Maintenance of the villa became increasingly expensive so one day the women abandoned the villa.

I personally like the toning but the red shoe doesn't come out as it should be so here's a better approach : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ophaine/4205400543/

Monkey villa : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/monkey_villa/q1_2009/44


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