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Tuesday, 2018-04-24, 7:22 PM
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Ophaine's Urban adventures


I've put two photos from the Bethesda hospital in urban singles.
This hospital became abandoned after 30 June 2006 and until spring 2008 trails of vandalism and copper thieves where relative low.
Unfortunately this hospital got completely trashed within two months just after March 2008.


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I've add a section for models and hope you like my nurse!
Thank's Sativa it was a pleasure to work with you



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I've added two photos from two coal mines in urban singles.
Both could not be explored because of on going activity.

Urban singles : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/14

And one more in industrial scenery : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/18


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I've added a new section for industry scenery/heritage photos.
To start with I've added 6 photos.

Industrial scenery : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/19


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This office villa was used in the time that KRUPP was still a market player of pneumatic hammers.
Detailed information is unknown to me but the current market leader bought in 2002 the KRUPP's hammer line.


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This military base was used by the British army between 1953 and 1962.
The German airforce used this military base after the British army left and became finally abandoned in 2004.
In the near future this area will be reconverted for civil use which includes a school, indoor/outdoor sport facilities and houses.

Part one can be found here : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/2

This time I show you the garages and related buildings.



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I've added a section for urban singles and mini series (less than 5 photo's).

Urban singles  : http://ophaine.clan.su/photo/14


No Waste

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In 1936 was the first asphalt cycling racing track build in Armenia and soon after that the Armenian cyclists became famous in the former Soviet Union.
The name of this cycling racing track is unfortunately still unknown to me but the chance is big that great sportsmen have cycled here and set world records.


More about Armenian cycling history can be found here:

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This abandoned military base was since 1969 home for 900 pioneers but after almost 40 years the fun is over.
It looks like there is still activity to keep this place in good shape, electricity and also the central heating is still working but so far I couldn't figure out the future plans of this location.


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This office building took my attention for a while and looked abandoned to me so I took a visit.
The other buildings on the area are in use by companies but KRUPP doesn't use these buildings anymore.
During my visit I could only explore the ground floor as further access was blocked.
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